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You Can Circle with Larger Groups | High School GTKY Circle


GTKY Circles are a powerful tool in the classroom.

This video will give you an example of what a GTKY Circle looks like with LARGE High School groups.

Some things to consider:
1. This is a high school German class with 30 students in it.
2. They have been Circling every Friday all year.
3. This class went through a year long progression in Circles starting with RP Coordinator facilitating Circles, to teacher facilitating Circles, to students facilitating circles.

Doug Intro and Circle Guidelines: 00 - 00:36

Student Led Intro “How is your day going in German” 00:36 - 01:59

Round 1 Shallow “What movie makes you laugh?” 02:00 - 03:36

Round 2  Middle “What is something that comes easy to you?” 03:36 - 04:58

Round 3 Middle “If you could change the world, how would you change it?” 05:00 - 09:33

Round 4 Deep “If you were down who is the first person you would go to with the problem?” 09:33 - 12:47

Closing affirmation round  12:47- 18:1

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