National Educators for Restorative Practices


That was the best in-service I’ve been to in my 23 years of teaching! So practical and so useful! I’ve never been to an in-service where I’ve prayed and cried! They were genuine in everything that they did and said, “It’s crazy that you can make these little changes and impact our kids.” I’ve been talking about this since I’ve got home.
— Angelle Robichaux-Mason, Teacher (Alief ISD)
Excellent training, The most valuable aspect for me was the fact that you all combined facts with common sense, emotion, and intelligence. I also enjoyed your high-energy and enthusiasm.
— D. Edgerson, Teacher (Temple ISD)
I enjoyed the training. It was highly energetic, inspiring and informative. I look forward to implementing Restorative Practices in my classroom. It is a game changer. I look forward to an amazing school year armed with the tools that inspire my class to have sense of community. Thank you!
— C. Arceneaux, Teacher/Coach (Temple ISD)
Wow. Our two day team trainings were simply outstanding. Our teachers are already working circles and seeing some powerful results. Never in my career have I had teachers email me after a training and celebrate the implementation of that training in their classroom. This speaks to the exceptional quality of the training – the ease of use, the actionable strategies, and the support within the training to practice the skills. Thank you for sharing your vision in such a way that teachers see possibilities and not limitations, that they feel confident in implementation, and that they feel convicted to do things differently. That’s some pretty powerful mojo you have working!
— Lynn Pool, Assistant Superintendent (Weatherford ISD)